Maintenance & Cleaning

For over 12 years, we have proudly earned a reputation as the finest in residential and commercial painting and home improvements

Soft Washing

Unlike pressure washing, soft washing uses low pressure and specialized solutions to clean surfaces such as, patios and the exterior of your home.

Gutter Cleaning

Keeping your gutters functioning the way they were designed, providing effective protection of your home’s siding, flower beds, and foundation.

Roof Cleaning

A warm, moist environment, such as your roof, is the perfect breeding ground for all kinds of bacteria – mold, mildew, algae, fungi, lichen, and moss.

Window Cleaning

Don’t let pollen, dirt and grime cloud your view of the world. We recommend a thorough cleaning of both the inside and outside windows of your home twice per year, and additional exterior-only cleaning as needed.

Preventative Maintenance

Proper maintenance and care are essential to keeping your home beautiful, weather tight and in excellent condition, including the areas that may not be quite as visible.