Exterior Siding

It’s no secret that with our harsh New England climate, we may find ourselves having to maintain or repair the exterior of our home more often than other parts of the country. While beautiful trim can be a pleasing aesthetic to your home, it also serves as a protectant.

Professional Siding & Trim Replacement

There are many projects that we would endorse as DIY, but replacing exterior trim is not one of them. Successful placement of trim requires specific knowledge and tools, not to mention the risk a homeowner takes when trying to work while up on a ladder. Leave it to our professionals to maintain, assess, repair and replace your exterior trim to keep your home weather-tight and beautiful for many years to come.

Exterior Siding Gallery

Siding and Trim Maintenance

We recommend that you maintain your exterior trim by caulking joints and seams to help prevent water penetration. For cleaning, we recommend soft washing instead of pressure washing, as it does not push water into your siding and trim, and lead to rot and paint failure.

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